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Welcome to the cult!

So you've joined a cult...
This is a virtual cult members handbook. If you save the link you can come back and refer to this whenever you like.
Using the tab on the left you can navigate to whatever topic you wish to explore. We reccommend having a look through everything when you first join us. Start with the welcome letter below.

Welcome to the cult,

Thank you for showing an interest in helping us build a healthy, accessible and sustainable alternative to destructive screen culture! Everyone's capacity to get involved is different and all forms of support mean the world to us. Some ways you can support us:
  • Volunteering some of your free time
  • Financial support through donations
  • Resources like film equipment or a meeting space
  • Solidarity (if you are a similar organisation or group)
  • Sharing skills with the group
This is a labour of love from a deep need for a diverse and healthy alternative to contemporary industry filmmaking. We are just at the beginning of our story and welcome anyone who wishes to be a part of it. I have personally struggled with the film industry, I have struggled with my physical and mental health to the point where I had to question whether there was a space for me in the industry. After realising I am not alone and that this is the majority experience, I'm now passionate that we ought to take up a space of our own. We can make The Film Cult that space. This handbook gives an overview of The Film Cult, our values, structure, principles, goals and all the ways you can get involved. Here’s to a better world of filmmaking, Cult Member Rowen